Cross Modal Neuroplasticity [and more]

Hmmmmm...this piece ended up being something completely different than originally intended. 😉 Last year [2019] was a year of undisputable accomplishment. Why is it undisputable? First: Over the next few weeks I'll reach several one year anniversaries, including my sobriety from drugs and alcohol, not being homeless, and becoming a writer. Second: Positive feedback and … Continue reading Cross Modal Neuroplasticity [and more]

Day 1, Thought 1

Day 1, Thought 1 Sometimes I run my left thumb along my left ring finger, just to check to see if it's still there. Of course, my wedding ring hasn't been there for several years. Nearly five years past, not long before I was forced from my home of over ten years, the ring was … Continue reading Day 1, Thought 1

Beautiful In Every Way [Full Chapter 10k Word Version]

I've decided to post a 10k word version of this chapter. This a 2nd draft. Not to make excuses in advance, but far from a professional edit/proof read copy. One character, one chapter, from a 15 chapter book with a dozen characters. Not a short read! December 2011 The first thought Shelby had when she … Continue reading Beautiful In Every Way [Full Chapter 10k Word Version]