Wake Up And Be Brilliant [August 2019]

This is another piece from last summer. Originally written/posted August 2019. Wake Up And Be Brilliant We all have our morning [or evening] wake-up process(es). Over the past few years, I've developed a theory, a wake-up theory. I've come to believe that nearly everyone is capable of great things immediately after opening their eyes. Please … Continue reading Wake Up And Be Brilliant [August 2019]

Found In The Translation [December 4, 2019]

Several months ago I began following blogs of many languages. This diversity has been an enlightening and powerful experience! I now ask myself this question. Why did I wait so long? I've always lived a life of racial diversity, from the Native American Reservation that I was raised on, to the two women that I … Continue reading Found In The Translation [December 4, 2019]

Spiders [August 2019]

Title: Spiders Originally posted August 2019. I had a thought a few minutes ago while watching my buddy run from a little spider. The fact that he weighs approximately 250 pounds added to the already high level of haha. Anyway, I was wondering how funny it might be if spiders could talk about, and laugh … Continue reading Spiders [August 2019]

Damages, The Necessity of Pain [August 2019]

Originally Posted August 2019 The necessity of pain, what would we be without it? We will never know. For those individuals spending their entire life reliving the pain with each pull of a trigger, it can be a never-ending story; not unlike the movie Groundhog Day. (I recommend the movie) Like most of what I … Continue reading Damages, The Necessity of Pain [August 2019]

Searching For An Editor

I'm reaching out to the WordPress Community for help finding an Editor for my Novel. I'm hoping to find someone who's based in the Denver Metro Area. If you know of anyone, please contact me or send them my information. Thank You Joseph Shanklin I'm reaching out to the WordPress Community for help finding an … Continue reading Searching For An Editor

Novel Update [123k Words]

After nearly one year of investing every minute possible into my book(s), I've nearly finished with the first draft. As of this morning, my word count total is 123,000. By the time I finish he final chapter, Books 1 & 2 will total approximately 150,000 words. What a life-changing journey it's been. Joseph ShanklinFebruary 24, … Continue reading Novel Update [123k Words]

Damages [Spring 2019]

Title: DAMAGES Avoiding pain is natural. In fact that's why it's there. Pain is a signal to the brain letting us know that something is wrong. Through our efforts to avoid the uncomfortable we protect ourselves, our hearts, and sometimes our lives. It's in this way that most people understand and cope with pain. Whether … Continue reading Damages [Spring 2019]

My Thoughts This Morning [Problem Solving]

Like so many other things in my life these days, this piece was inspired by another blog, from another site. I believed the ability to [problem solve] to be the greatest measure of intelligence. Throughout the course of my life, I've been fortunate to have worked with some incredibly talented individuals, people with an abundance … Continue reading My Thoughts This Morning [Problem Solving]

My Thoughts This Morning [Friendship]

I've [always] known how powerful the bond of friendship can be. At some point during my twenties, I came to the realization that friendship is much stronger than marriage, boyfriend/girlfriend, or any other relationship that begins from physical attraction. Anything that is based on sex, the goal of sex, or physical attraction in general, lacks … Continue reading My Thoughts This Morning [Friendship]