Sometimes while writing, I leave the television on in the background, but only then if there’s a good classic western on one particular channel. The name of this local channel is [Grit], and they show classic western movies around the clock.

This morning, Grit TV was showing a 1955 Classic, Run For Cover, with James Cagney. During the movie, Cagney proposed to a woman in the most gentlemanly and old fashioned ways. The scene reminded me of my proposal to my first wife, way back in 1990. We were in her parents’ living room when her father walked in and surprised the two of us [mostly me]. I was on bended knee, holding her hand, and my fiance was in tears. By the time it was over, everyone was in tears, especially her mother.

Those were good times, the best of times. I have two beautiful children in college to show just how amazing those times were.

I like everything that is old-fashioned. Marriage proposals, opening doors for a woman [or anyone for that matter], walking down the sidewalk with a woman and making sure she’s on the inside and away from the street, pulling out her chair. The list is as endless as the number of possible opinions on the subject.

A lot of women do not like men who think and behave along these old-fashioned lines and ways. I haven’t researched the percentages. The numbers with respect to how many women have given old-fashioned men a shot, vs writing old-fashioned men off altogether without having been involved with one.

Please don’t take any of this wrong, I’m not trying to elevate old-fashioned ways above other ways. Doing these things I’ve mentioned, or any number of other similar activities does not guarantee a man [or woman] not to be a scoundrel by any means. I like the word [scoundrel], it summons up images of . . . . . well . . . scoundrels.

Hmmm . . . . . In fact, towards the end of my first marriage, I was not a good husband. If a man is not a good husband, then he does not honor his family. After it was over, and I’d allowed my selfish ways to tear my marriage apart, my wife told me something not long before the divorce. She said [you will pay tenfold for everything you’ve done].

As I said, it doesn’t guarantee a man won’t be a scoundrel by any means. Sometimes tenfold can turn into so much more. Fortunatety . . . . . I’m no longer a scoundrel. ❤️

Joseph Shanklin
February 8, 2020

3 thoughts on “My Thoughts This Morning [old-fashioned]

  1. I also agree with old-fashioned values and that’s why I’ve taught my boys to be thoughtful, considerate gentlemen and both their girlfriends have thanked me for it, haha, so obviously women want it more than they profess, after all it’s not very conducive to the feminist viewpoint that has become so popular these days. I do think the two can and should co-exist though.

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