I’ve decided to post a few excerpts from the 2nd Draft of my Novel. Once more, thank you for reading.


* * * * * * *

January 2012

[There are ugly faces on the wall], she thought. [I can’t keep my eyes open. I didn’t see any faces the last time I died…only flowers… Dandelions dancing on the wind].

Only the memory of his cruelty kept her from slipping back into the depth of the cold emptiness. Sleep had been replaced by solitary nothingness, both in her bed, and her heart.

[Bloodstains. There are bloodstains on the wall next to my bed], she thought. [No…not blood…coffee].

She’d forgotten about the coffee cup. It had fallen off of the nightstand last week during a heated argument with her boyfriend. The glass mug didn’t break, instead bouncing twice and tumbling beneath the bed; out of sight, and out of mind. The battle had raged on nearly the entire weekend, ending only when Gabriel discovered something interesting to watch on television. Last Sunday evening was not the first time she’d been grateful to be far less important than everything else in his life. Otherwise, she’d never get a minute of rest from his endless babble, pointless rantings bordering on madness. She’d recently debated whether or not Gabriel had completely lost his mind. She’d gone as far as to humorously visualize the man falling down and hitting his head. [Stranger things], she’d whispered to herself beneath the covers.

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