I’ve written a few pieces about sabotage, but I’d like to hit the refresh button this morning. I don’t believe in sabotage, and I’ll explain why.

One: We can’t control other people. We already know this.

Two: We can control who we allow within our inner circle.

Three: Many will not agree, but I believe we have control over who we allow within our lives . . . . . Completely.

Four: If we allow someone into our lives, particularly within our inner circle, and these people cause damage, the damage they’ve done falls on us; possibly quite literally.

Five: Everything I’m speaking on falls under the category of [owning our shit], something else I’ve written about a few times. I’ll be revisiting the subject very soon.

Overview: If we allow someone into our lives and this person brings drama, and/or ugliness, we are responsible. Why waste time pointing, ranting, or allowing them even one additional second of thought. Being angry, feeling hatred, or seeking revenge will only cause additional self-harm. It’s important not to give away our power.

Take em off your chessboard.  ❤️

Joseph Shanklin
February 11, 2020

10 thoughts on “My Thoughts This Morning [Sabotage]

    1. Aleksandra . . . I sitting here trying to find the words but I haven’t found them. That was very powerful. I read the translation several times, and I copied it so I can read it some more. Thank you ❤️

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