My Thoughts This Morning [A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out]

Title: You Can Do This

[Taken from The Adams County Drug Court Newsletter]

I spend a lot of time thinking about The Adams County Drug Court and the incredible job they do. What a difficult task, identifying drug addicts currently incarcerated who are capable of both completing, and graduating from the program. Somehow I’ve managed to squeeze 2-3 years of Second Chance and Rebirth into one sentence.

Recently, somebody told me they didn’t feel we have support as clients. I won’t be posting my original reaction here within the Drug Court Newsletter. Even if I don’t count all of the vouchers for UA’s, Rent, Bus Passes and other financial assistance I’ve been witness to; the list of support is endless.

I do not have a single harsh word for The Adams County Drug Court. It may sound like butt-kissing, but I won’t be spending one second worrying about such a silly label. What I worry about is remaining sober, out of custody, alive, and watching my kids grow up with me at their side. This is the challenge The ACDC Team has accepted, the challenge of helping us to stay alive. Along the way, we help them to do the same.

Sometimes, when I watch the connections taking place between all of us and all of those who have stepped into the ring to coach us, I can’t help but think about how lucky we are to be here in this room. You and I have been selected out of thousands of struggling addicts. I will never take this for granted, either should you. If you do choose to take these things for granted, please step aside and allow somebody else to take your place, someone less fortunate who has not yet been blessed with this opportunity.

If you’re new to this program, it’s not complicated. Show up for everything, do what’s required of you, and don’t ever lie to those who are working tirelessly to help you. After all, honesty is Rule #1 in the Handbook, please fact check my work.

I remember looking up at the seemingly unclimbable mountain of treatment twelve months ago. I have fantastic news for you, the mountain is not unclimbable, just really f*****g big. Now, with five months remaining, I’ve positioned myself for the final stretch. Sobriety makes everything easier. Instead of rebuilding my old life, I’ve chosen to build a completely new life on the rubble of my old emotionally damaged life.

You can do this!


4 thoughts on “My Thoughts This Morning [A Hand Up, Not A Hand Out]

    1. Thank you Aleksandra. I’m almost done. July 23rd graduation. By the time I’m done, it would have taken 20 months. It’s been a great experience. And…I’m the first and only person to have a column in the newsletter. 🙂

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      1. Keep on going, Joe. You are aware how much life is different in sobriety. I think you’ve made the best decision in your life. To fight, to win and to persist. It must be a great experience to have your own column. Sending you hugs.

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