My Thoughts This Morning [Honesty Times]

Honesty Times

Yesterday, somebody told me they [appreciate my honesty]. Hearing others refer to my ability to speak the truth, write the truth, and think the truth, has been the standard for some time. Once again, I’m not patting myself in the back, I’m simply prepping the reader for the [wammy].

I used to be a terrible liar [is there any other kind]. Back in those days, a life-time ago, I’d lie about anything and everything. Whatever my selfish agenda required, and as long as I got my needs met, I’d manipulate whoever and whatever I needed to. In the interest of keeping my word count well below 10k today, I won’t get into the psychological explanations for my twenty-something state of mind. It’s enough to say this: I haven’t always been the nice guy I am now.

Throughout the course of our lives, we learn, grow, and change. With the exception of a few core values and boundaries, I have almost nothing in common with my 30-year-old self, and if I met him today, we would not be friends.

Around 2003, I made a bold and life-changing decision to begin the self-inventory process. Being in the early stages of a new relationship at the time, I wanted nothing else but to be the best father, boyfriend, friend, employee, and man I could possibly be.

Through the process of inventorying my behavior from both my past relationships and my current relationships, I identified an immediate need for something: Honesty.

When I use this word [honesty], I’m referring to its application for every facet of my life, including my girlfriend, job, children, friendships, and even those who I meet on the street or at the store. EVERYWHERE!

I made a startling discovery. You see, back then I’d recently unveiled something profound and life-changing: The power of words, and the ability to speak something into existence. I found the more I said the words, the more I lived by those words. Many of you are probably thinking or saying [duh], and I understand.

By telling others and myself [I speak the truth all day], I changed myself and my life. The more I said it, the more I lived it. The new me I’ve created began with honesty and integrity back in 2003. I speak the truth from the moment I wake up, until the moment I fall asleep at night. And also during those times, I wake up in the middle of the night, reading and writing on WordPress. Those are quite possibly my favorite honesty times. What’s an honesty time: Whenever my eyes are open, or my lips are moving. Interestingly enough, those used to be my dishonesty times, before my rebirth into the World of Truth. 

I speak the truth, or I keep my f*****g mouth shut. And that’s okay, there’s nothing wrong with telling someone [I can’t tell you, or I won’t tell you]. Most people would rather hear something to that effect, rather than some bullshit lie. There’s nothing wrong with silence.

Joseph Shanklin

February 15, 2020

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