Novel Excerpts [character flashback]

[From Chapter 10]

A short excerpt from chapter 10. Once again, I’ve changed the character’s name. At this point in the story, the character is sitting down at the dinner table with friends. Something said during the meal triggers a brief flashback.

On two occasions, John had squared up toe to toe with a bloodsucker [Vampire], and not only lived but kicked the snot out of the second Vampire. Contrary to legend, he discovered immediately Vampires did not have superhuman strength. Although extremely dangerous for a number of reasons, the monster’s above-average physical strength lies within their ability to condition themselves for a very long time, sometimes centuries. Apparently, the Vampire who attacked John was of the lazy, non-athletic variety, which of course is why he slapped it senseless. Fighting back the temptation to conduct an experiment by duct taping the monster to a light pole and waiting for Sunrise, John ultimately cut it loose and sent it back to its coffin, box, or whatever; bruised and broken. It wasn’t the first or the last enemy he’d made while living on the streets of xxxxxx.

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