While watching the news this morning, I learned The Boy Scouts of America will be filing for bankruptcy. Why are they filing for bankruptcy: Multiple sexual molestation lawsuits.

There are a few Violations of The Universe that I will never have an ounce of patience for. Of these boundary infractions, taking the innocence of a child is by far the most serious, and should be dealt with in the harshest way imaginable. For the record, I can imagine an awful lot when it comes to punishing predatory trash. Yes . . .  I’d like to take out the trash . . . Personally. In fact . . . Nevermind.

Nothing is more important to me than protecting our children, and anyone else who can’t protect themselves. ❤️

Joseph Shanklin
February 18, 2020

10 thoughts on “My Thoughts This Morning [Protecting The Helpless]

  1. Anything I could say would be deadful for predators. I do really hate pedophiles. There are not enough and appropriate punishments for devasted children lives.
    I dream about the day which will never come out. Human beings must accept that main and essential task in this life is fighting with own inside evil.

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      1. Well, there is no use of sit and wait. Everyone of us can do something in our microcosmoses (family, neighbourhood). Our personal domains are not so powerful, but if each of us make a step forward it multiplies in macrocosmos. Changes (good one) will not come without efforts and with easiness.

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