Like so many other things in my life these days, this piece was inspired by another blog, from another site.

I believed the ability to [problem solve] to be the greatest measure of intelligence. Throughout the course of my life, I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some incredibly talented individuals, people with an abundance of both mental agility, and the ability to lead others through a variety of highly fluid situations. At times, I’ve compared many of those situations to both professional sports, and combat.

Although I have eight years of military experience, I’m not referring to my US Army background. My resume includes ten years with Wendy’s International, an amazing company where I started my Food and Beverage career as a General Manager/Training Store Manager. From there, I became a Professional Culinary Chef and worked for a dozen Restaurants, Hotels, and Casinos. Having held every position that can be found within a kitchen from Dish Washer to Executive Chef, I’ve seen nearly anything and everything that can be found within that environment.

Where did I work with the most incredibly talented individuals I’ve ever met: While working for Wendy’s. Yes . . . It’s absolutely correct. I’ve lived the life of being responsible for well over one hundred employees, including more than a dozen managers, and half a dozen manager trainees. It’s a lot to wake up to in the morning.

Resume over . . . I’m saying this. Some of the finest, most intelligent, intellectual, thinking out of the box men and women in our world can be found in places where few would think to look.

Joseph Shanklin

February 20, 2020

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