I love her . . . I love writing . . .

I remember when I discovered writing. I fell for her immediately, going as far as to say the words [I love her . . . I love writing]. Now, one year into the relationship my love for writing has grown beyond anything I previously imagined. I wake up with writing. I go to bed with writing, and of course, I sleep with [you guessed it] with writing. Throughout the day, every minute I can spare, I spend it with writing. She loves it when I find a few minutes for her! Last week someone asked me how I felt when I worked on my novel, or maybe I just volunteered the information. [ Image that your bank account had a balance in the millions, and anytime that you felt the urge, you could pick up a laptop or cell phone, and spend money on any website that you desired. Not only shop but purchase whatever your heart desires. The pleasure that you would feel from such an event is the same pleasure that I’m filled with every single time I work on my book. Yes, absolute bliss. ] Committed to writing for life, J. S.

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