I’m not scared of this virus. I plan on catching it immediately, beating the shit out of it, recovering quickly, and then business as usual! Besides staying home while the virus runs its course, I won’t hide or take precautions of any kind. I will not submit to fear and control.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I’ve researched all of the numbers and the United States could lose as many as 80k people. That being said, I still refuse to live in fear.

Joseph Shanklin March 6, 2020

11 thoughts on “F**k The Coronavirus

  1. we can’t live in fear…just do the best we can and keep on living!
    All the time…I mean, tomorrow I could be in a car accident (hopefully not) and spent all this time living in fera? I think not!

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  2. I’m not living in fear. We’ve been through this shit before: bird flu, H1N1, SARS, Ebola etc. and the world didn’t come to an end. Sure, people are going to die: unfortunately, that happens with things like this. They always have. In a bad flu season we lose people, and there ain’t nothing we can do about that. The best thing we can do is take all reasonable precautions (wash our hands, disinfect counters and handheld devices, stay away from sick people, and stay home if we get sick), which are things we should be doing anyway…

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