Because I’m a single man, I love it when a woman smiles and tells me [Good Morning]. For me, it’s a powerful experience, and it kick starts my day in the most positive of ways imaginable. Unfortunately, there are a large number of men in the world who don’t know how to handle such a thing, thereby f*****g it up for the rest of us. You know who I’m referring to, those men who immediately say to themselves [oh my . . . I think she likes me]. For whatever reason, maybe they’ve never been in a relationship with a woman, these poor souls have done some damage. Allow me to reiterate! For myself, I love it when a woman smiles at me and says hello or tells me Good morning. Particularly, when she does so first, as opposed to simply responding to my own hello. Either way, there’s [nothing] like a friendly female greeting, and I’ll never take such a thing for granted.

Joseph Shanklin

March 14, 2020

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