Things I love about women explained.

The healing process . . .

Why would any man post something nearly every day on such a topic? Self Expressive Therapy . . . writing helps me deal with the pain and loss of everyone. Since the end of my marriage five years ago, I’ve abstained completely from any and all forms of intimacy, and yes that includes sex. That also includes kisses, hugs, and any and all forms of affection. That right, overnight I became one of the loneliest people in the world. There have been opportunities, but for a long time, my head was just too f****d up. Even with my newly healed brain, I have one more obstacle standing in the way of any possibility of dating, four more months of probation. Until July 23rd, I have too much at stake to complicate my life and risk-taking myself off point, even for something as tempting as . . . well, you know. I must add this. Each and every word I write and post is from my heart, how I feel, and one hundred percent true. For me and my life speaking the truth is more than important, it’s absolutely required.


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