Here’s another example of something that I love about women . . . the woman’s ability to control our eye contact.

I’ve always enjoyed the struggle, that little struggle between a man and a woman during a conversation. You know what I’m referring to, that cat and mouse game that sometimes takes place when we [men] are speaking to, or meeting with a woman [or women] for any reason whatsoever. The challenge is simple, can we maintain eye contact instead of allowing our vision to stray to other areas of the womanly body parts. This incredible challenge is magnified if the woman in question has worn a revealing outfit, or has decided to activate her womanly charms. I’ll add this, womanly charms can be dangerous to us [men], something about them has an immediate effect on our brains, at times shutting a man’s brain down altogether! It’s a terrible thing to witness, a man who’s brain has switched off and powered down to a state of gibberish. [I still love charms]

Fortunately, I’ve spent years consciously working on my eye contact skills. These skills have allowed my brain an opportunity to continue developing, as opposed to shrinking and imploding.


If a woman had made the decision before or during a conversation that she wants us [men] to look someplace besides her eyes, odds are there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. After all, nation’s have gone to war! Check your history!

**Coming Soon**

Womanly Charms

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