My Thoughts This Morning [Fear & Control]

While watching the news this morning, I glimpsed a segment about The Pentagon releasing some UFO Footage. I've always believed this: Eventually, there will be breaking news of UFOs. Furthermore, it doesn't matter whether or not the UFOs are aliens or a hoax. If the situation is entirely believable, the public will do what they've … Continue reading My Thoughts This Morning [Fear & Control]

I Survived 🖤!

Fueled by resilience and a near limitless sense of determination, I survived last week. My highlights: Nearly 65 hours on the job, and I purchased a one-year Editing Software Subscription. As of yesterday, I'm officially editing my novel. I'm calculating one month until it's ready for a Professional Editor/Proofreader. Over the past year, I've invested … Continue reading I Survived 🖤!

Blame & Litigation [Posted On March 11th]

What if? People are infecting other people. People will continue to infect other people. Sadly, some of these infected people will not survive, leading others, including possible family members or co-workers to assign blame. Entire offices and buildings could be infected by one careless individual. I'm wondering how the population is going to manage both … Continue reading Blame & Litigation [Posted On March 11th]

Stay At Home Triggers

Last night during a Zoom Meeting, one of the important topics that surfaced was [triggers], the trigger of staying at home during the pandemic. The individual touched on the fact that she was struggling with staying at home because that's precisely what she did during her time of using. Yes, unless someone is still working … Continue reading Stay At Home Triggers