My roommate and I spent the morning and afternoon cleaning our house from corner to corner. We’ve been renting/splitting this house since last summer, and this is [most definitely] the cleanest it’s ever been during the past nine months.

Unclean, will bring [The Unclean], and [Cleanliness] is next to [Godliness]. That being said, when I say I’ve cleaned my home, I’m speaking of more than just dirt and grime. Most people have forgotten what everyone used to know.

During the past five years, more than one friend of mine has asked me to help them clean their home. Please keep in mind, I’m not referring to scrubbing bubbles. With the exception of special circumstances, I tell them this: We all have the ability to clean our own home. Once it’s clean, it’s important to be very careful of who or what you invite into your home.

Particularly during these troubling times.

Joseph Shanklin

April 5, 2020

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