As an essential infrastructure employee, I’m not only still working, but I spend 40 hours or more quite literally [out in the street]. That’s what I do, I work in the street, and on the sidewalk.

During the past few weeks . . . I’ve had some close calls. Even though nobody is running around with a sign that reads [virus], I’ve done the math on the probabilities. In addition to the probabilities, my sense of knowing has informed me, quite officially mind you, that the virus has passed within the vicinity of my distancing.

It’s a rather spooky feeling, the feeling of coming close to such a contagion. Or, maybe it’s all my imagination. It’s absolutely . . . not my imagination.

I’m wishing . . . hoping . . . and praying for all of you to remain safe and healthy.

Joseph Shanklin

April 8, 202

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