I’ve been saying something for about five years, and here it is. Up is down, and down is up. Meaning, we the people, have it all backwards.

Priorities are backwards. What’s important is backwards. What’s real is backwards. The things are children believe in, absolutely backwards. I could easily, and effortlessly list a thousand examples of this.

Someone wrote something recently about the virus turning the world inside out. Hmmmmm . . . as profound as it sounds . . . maybe our world will right itself before it’s over?

Joseph Shanklin

April 7, 2020

8 thoughts on “Up Is Down, Down Is Up

  1. What the world needs now…
    I’ve been thinking for a while – a couple of weeks anyway – that there is a plan in all this! God has a plan in all this! And I don’t think we will go back to “normal”, at least I hope we don’t. Not the “normal” everyone wants…
    A couple of years ago I read “As It Was In The Days of Noah”…the parallels between now and then is very scary!

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