Drug Addiction is my enemy, and my enemy hates me. More than hate, my enemy desires to strip everything from me, torture me to the edge of death, allow me to recover slightly, and then torture me once more. This is the cycle of addiction that is waiting for me beneath the surface of a pond, a pond rippled with everything that I’ve spoken into existence. Careful what you wish for.

This time around, I was prepared for my enemy to strike. For the past year, I’ve channeled all of my pain and tragedy into bricks, building blocks which I’ve used to create my defenses, a walled castle capable of withstanding the relentless onslaught of my enemy, an enemy with limitless resources that I’ve supplied both willingly, and purposely.

Joseph Shanklin

April 13, 2020

9 thoughts on “My Thoughts This Morning [Bricks]

  1. Stay strong we’re all rooting for you, we know you can do it . You’ve made it clear with everything that you’ve done till now that being victorious is your default. All the best!

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