While watching the news this morning, I glimpsed a segment about The Pentagon releasing some UFO Footage. I’ve always believed this: Eventually, there will be breaking news of UFOs. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter whether or not the UFOs are aliens or a hoax. If the situation is entirely believable, the public will do what they’ve always done.

The masses tend to run to the government and scream, “save me!” Historically, after asking the government to save them, the masses sign away more of their rights, and they do it happily. Many times, these rights are taken away with [sleight of hand], and it’s done in plain sight during a crisis. All it takes is a distraction, and POOF, bills are passed into law with high speed. Why the speed: That’s what criminals do, of course.

Fear and control, sleight of hand, and the power of distraction. Remember, the crisis doesn’t have to be real. Sometimes, what appears to be a significant danger is simply clouds and mist.

Please! Wherever you live, do not give away your rights!

No, I’m not referring to our current pandemic.

Joseph Shanklin

April 28, 2020

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