This morning, I called for a Lyft for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic. When I asked the driver if she’d like me to wear a mask, she chuckled and said, “definitely not.” During the ten minute ride, she explained to me how [ridiculous] wearing a mask was, and that we are [not in China]. The conversation was very colorful and had many exciting highlights—topics like [we are all dying]. It’s true, we are all dying, and it had to end sometime. We aren’t here very long, and this life is temporary. I don’t fear death or anything else, for that matter. Still, I believe it’s important not to put others at risk unnecessarily, so most of the time, I wear a mask and take all of the appropriate precautions. Sometimes I take the precautions out of a desire to give others peace of mind. All of this will be argued for some time.

My immune system is top shelf, but I take All Precautions.

Joseph Shanklin

May 1, 2020

10 thoughts on “My Thoughts This Morning [Precautions]

  1. We all need to take of our own body. It is up to the individual to wear or not wear a mask. I personally wear one because I have an Autoimmune Condition which makes me highly susceptible to catching viruses.

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  2. After burying a child in 2019, I certainly don’t fear death either and in obvious ways I welcome it. However, I agree with you that I would never put others at risk. To me, that’s not practicing our sacred principles in ALL of our affairs. Thanks, too, for reminding me how temporary life is. Sometimes it’s so painful, I begin to believe it’s permanent. Keep trudging that road to happy destiny!

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    1. I too have buried a child. My six-month old grandson passed five years ago. I believe our pain makes us who we are. In many ways, it’s what the novel I just finished writing is about. Where we allow our pain to take us. Thank you so much for sharing. I appreciate it greatly. ❤️


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