It’s become VERY obvious to me, that this pandemic will be used to force us into a Cashless Society. Many retailers have already done this over the past week.

Are you ready?

6 thoughts on “Cashless Society Is Here

    1. As do I. This process will take some time because of the bank systems already in place, but quite a few of our retailers have already stopped taking cash. Here in the US, the tension is building considerably. People are FINALLY opening their eyes to what’s going on around them. Hopefully, they continue to do so. Things are very corrupt here.

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      1. That is, when you want to figure out things just watch how “cash” flows. Corruption is the essence of each system. We have the ones who steel more or less. It depends on their ranks. W/o cash payments all your for example consumer statistic is bright as sunny day and served for free. It is the time that people realise that their real needs are about 20% and artificial desires are 80%. We should take care about our needs and spend money on essentials.

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  1. I’m afraid of a cashless society. I don’t trust online systems, and never have. I’ve never done online banking at all. Online databases are constantly being probed for weaknesses by hackers and so that’s one weakness. The other is government abuse. I don’t want my money to be seized due to an egomaniac halfway across the globe having a bad day.
    Thankfully I’ll be dead before the weird future comes to pass.

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