Five years ago, I had a revelation [no pun]. At the time, I had just read something about the possibility of microchips being placed within medical prescriptions. Around the same time, our government began handing out free cellphones. I combined this information into the following theory.

What if the cellphone is the chip? After all, it’s in [the hand] or on [the head]. Like I said, a revelation.

It was an interesting thought at the time. I have so many.

Joseph Shanklin
May 11, 2020

10 thoughts on “Cellphone Revelations

  1. Interesting thought definitely got the wheels in my mind spinning. I am always having constant revelations. Microchips & nanobots enter our bodies from food, air etc. However I never thought about the cell having microchips. I never had a free cellphone from the government, but I am on probably my fourth android phone in a few years due to constant issues. I have done everything one can do to safeguard myself. I do not even want to blog at moment as the more I appear to speak; the freakier things get for me. Hanging on by a prayer at the moment yet that was an interesting revelation that I am going to meditate & pray on. It could be the root of all these issues.

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    1. I have no social media other then this, which is all new to me & I could write a long book about the crazy things I have endured that have terrified me so bad I had a panic attack so severe I blacked out in broad daylight losing consciousness & nearly split my car in half after hitting a telephone pole. It is a full blown miracle I am alive to talk about it & did not kill anyone. I have to shed light on this darkness or I would be disrespecting myself.

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  2. Never thought about that… it is something to think about. The fact that you can be traced by your cell phone is scary, but what is one supposed to do? And now some want to use your phone as a corona virus tacker

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    1. Cellphone Location doesn’t scare me. It’s more about$ than anything else. People’s spending habits and location can be combined and used for the purpose of trying to get us to shop. These days, everything tracks us though.

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