Magic of Bicycling

I started bicycling five years ago. At first, it was merely a way to travel until I reinstate my driver’s license. Little did I know at the time, bicycling can be a way of life.

I love everything about bicycles and bicycling. Riding helps with everything that is fitness. Mainly my lower back problems. Riding is the only thing that helps with my back. So much better than any medication, Either over or under the counter. Unless the circumstances are extreme . . . I won’t take another pain pill . . . ever!

I’ve spent some time riding on the snow and ice. I chose not to this year. Until last week, I hadn’t been on a bicycle for months. It’s time for reconditioning. I did a three-mile ride a few days ago. This morning, I didn’t hesitate to make an eight-mile trip. Within a few weeks, I should be back on schedule, riding 1-10 miles per day, with an occasional journey of 15-20 miles.

Mind, Body, Spirit, and Soul are strengthened and fused as one. For me, balance is the key to so many things. I highly recommend the bicycle.

Joseph Shanklin

May 13, 2020

18 thoughts on “Magic of Bicycling

      1. The thinner the tire, the faster the bike. A classic road bike has thin tires. Thin tires are good on pavement and for people who aren’t too heavy. For example, I weigh 225 lbs so I use a heavier tire. I hybrid tire is a little heavier. It depends what you will be riding on. Bike trails, roads, off-road ect.

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