I spent four years of my life preparing to create my new life. Hmmmmm . . . maybe this sounds strange, but it was necessary. I found the path. I chose the path. I stepped on to the path. I realize that it sounds a little dramatic, but in reality, I’m minimizing the situation heavily.

During those four years, I met a lot of people. A few of them I’m happy to call FRIENDS. I don’t use this [F] word lightly. For me, friendship is an incredibly powerful relationship, not to be abused or mistreated.

This week I had an opportunity to visit a few of my friends from across town. My [town] is the City of Denver, Colorado. I hadn’t been across town [20 miles] since before Christmas. Sometimes, I worry about my friends. As it turned out, my concern was misplaced. My friends are doing fantastic!

Friendship is an incredibly powerful relationship, not to be abused or mistreated. It’s built over time, layer upon layer. Unlike an intimate relationship, friendship doesn’t begin from physical attraction [not usually]. Therefore, the bond is more durable than other relationships. Although an intimate relationship built from friendship may last forever. The concept is so profound; I wrote a novel.

Joseph Shanklin

May 23, 2020

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