Picture a green planet residing within The Circumstellar Habitable Zone [Goldilocks Zone], beginning to spin out of balance. What was once a marvelous harmonious world, now chaotic and tumultuous?

Science shows us that everything has a balance, and nothing stays out of balance forever. For every action, there is a reaction. If you remove something, something else will take its place.

All of this leads to cause and effect. Yin and Yang. Everybody pays. Right and wrong. Karma. You get what you give. Pay it forward. And my favorite, ripple on the surface of a pond.

An individual does not need to believe in a higher power or dedicate their life to organized religion for these things to come into play within their lives. The Universe will continue doing [Universe Stuff] regardless of what we believe, and long after we are gone.

What would it look like if the planet in question started to fight back, calling upon its many resources? What are these resources? Would the planet retaliate and wage war? Would collateral damage be acceptable, and if so, to what level?

Joseph Shanklin

May 24, 2020

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