Here tonight, in the City of Denver, Colorado, we are dealing with a riot situation. I’ve been working this particular job downtown for the past ten months. My buddy and I arrived tonight and began shutting down a section of 17th Avenue, and within minutes, the riots broke out. Hundreds of people have swarmed the capital in protest. The riot police are everywhere shooting gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets. All of this because of what’s happening in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

One of the state contractors we work with got shot at, motivating him to put on a bulletproof vest. As of 1:00 AM, we are calling it a night. Things have gotten too dangerous. What a f*****g night!

Joseph Shanklin

May 28th to 29th, 2020

20 thoughts on “Denver Colorado Riots

    1. A white police officer knelt on the neck of a black man and he died. Three cops were fired, but people want the police to be charged with murder. The entire situation is very sad. The man should not have died. He wasn’t resisting or being violent. I’m home now. We wrapped it up for the night. Thank You Aleksandra 🙂

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      1. And it’s happening all the time. I’m so sorry about the murdered man and his family.

        It’s a big issue in your country considering the violence of (I must say) white men (as a representative of the law) against the black one.

        I also think that policeman sholud be processed for murder.

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  1. Things/”justice” just don’t happen fast enough for them, so they take to the streets and burn things down, riot and loot. They think they have a right…I have a feeling that the officers will be charged, but it’s just not fast enough for them. But go ahead, burn your city down!

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      1. Been watching it in the news, but I didn’t realize other cities were involved. You’re right…it’s good to protest, but to resort to rioting? All they’re doing is destroying where they live.
        Of course, I realize that some people are being shipped in and even being paid to do this…
        It’s sad, really. And scary!

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    1. When people feel like they’re not being heard this is what happens. My people tried quietly protesting with kneeling and that was frowned upon. President called the football players sons of bitches. It’s like nothing we try is right. What you (we) are witnessing is frustration from people wanting to be heard!

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      1. patience, respect for your fellow human being, prayer, protest peacefully, what you’re promoting is anarchy – plain and simple. There is always another, better way. Rioting and looting to prove a point is not the answer.

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      2. I’m promoting anarchy? Oh, what did you say when those people showed up to the capital in Michigan with guns, waving the Confederate flag all because they wanted to get nails done?? When did you hear me say rioting was okay. I said I understand. Take your foolishness somewhere else


  2. You stay safe out there Joe! Sometimes things get bad before they can get good. For my people sadly it seems like the good never comes. That cop murdered George Floyd plain as day 🥺🥺. Its incredibly sad and heartbreaking and upsetting

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  3. It is a very distressing how George Floyd died. I think it is a spark that has ignited protests all over the US and it is understandable. Take good care of yourself, be aware and stay safe.

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