Once more, I’m writing this to you—the addict in need of a message. I’ll keep it short.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been tested again and again. As expected, not everyone has passed the test of sobriety. A large percentage of Adams County Drug Court Clients have relapsed.

This is the journey of recovery. Although a personal journey, we are not alone. We have chosen to step on to a path of support and consequence. All of the necessary support is available. Although, if we stumble, there will be consequences.

For those who have not relapsed, I applaud you. For those who have slipped, you know what you must do. Take your consequences on the chin and move forward. The consequences are nothing compared to the alternative. Our journey is one of life and death. Addiction wants nothing less than your life.

Furthermore, for those who refuse to accept responsibility for their actions, why are you here in this program? The Drug Court Program is for those who have chosen life over death, and truth over lies. There is a waiting list of addicts who would love the opportunity that you have been granted—the chance to live.

Joseph Shanklin

May 2020

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