Our nation is being divided once again.

It’s not that complicated. Our nation is being divided over and over again. The virus. Race. Religion. Politics. Sexual orientation. If you take a number and split it in half until there’s almost nothing left, then it’s so much easier to manage that smaller number. For those of you who are following blindly, you may want to reconsider before it’s too late. What we need to do is stand by each other instead of hating each other. Things like racial hatred are kept alive in this nation for one reason; to divide and conquer.

I know how the world works. I don’t need to see the airline tickets to know that individuals have traveled from city to city for the sole purpose of causing chaos and hatred. That’s how it’s always been done. And we make it easy for them. We’re quite predictable and easily led astray from what’s essential.

One moment we are talking about love and helping our neighbor, and the next moment we are burning down our entire neighborhood. How f*****g ridiculous is that? One moment we are cheering for our police officers. And the following; we hate them all because of a few small-minded cowards. All because of three [dee-dee-dees].

Ask yourself. What are we being distracted from?

Joseph Shanklin

May 30, 2020

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