Usually, once per day, I turn on the news for at least a few minutes. Even though the media is nothing more than manipulation and lies, it’s useful to me, and I learn from it. Although, how I learn is a little unorthodox. That’s another piece of writing, though.

I realized something today. If the riots and looting would have happened a few generations ago, instead of today, this nation may have spiraled out of control into a race war. Fortunately, for this country, our young people have managed to overcome some of the racial challenges of their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents.

I see this every day, out the window, on the television, and social media. Young people of different races and colors living hand-in-hand. Of course, this is not limited to our younger generation; many of us are not racist. I don’t see skin color when I meet someone for the first time. Race is not a determination of character, integrity, or morality.

I believe our young people will be the ones to see us through this troubling time. I have faith in this generation, and I believe they will do the right thing. Our children will determine the future of the world.

Joseph Shanklin

June 1, 2020

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