If you’ve ever been to Denver Colorado, then maybe you have visited The Mile High Flea Market. The market has been around since 1976 and stretches for more than 80 acres near Interstate 76 & 88th Avenue.

I love the market. I’ve been buying and selling there for 30 years. Back when I had my eBay and Amazon stores, I found a great deal of my inventory at the flea market.

Today, I’m going to write about something else that can be found at The Mile High Flea Market.

About ten years ago, I did some research on FEMA and FEMA Camps. Shortly afterward, while selling at the market, I discovered something in the farthest corner of the property. I found a FEMA Gaging Station on the far side. The FEMA area is fenced off, guarded, and surrounded with cameras. Nearly a dozen FEMA trailers can also be found within the enclosure. Now, a Gaging Station is nothing out of the ordinary. It’s used to measure the flow of creek water from just over the outermost fence.

Next to the FEMA Station, a large white tent can be found. The tent has 13 points aimed at the sky and is a small copy of Denver International Airport. For those who know anything about our airport here in The Mile High City, DIA is shrouded in mystery and conspiracy theories.

The 80-acre Flee Market is divided by streets and cubicles for selling. There are several large restrooms. The area is easily accessible from multiple highways, railroads, and it’s also reasonably close to the airport [DIA]. Soon, the light rail will stop close by as well.

A tall wire fence surrounds market. The fence is topped with barbed wire. Interestingly enough, the barbed wire points in towards the market, instead of out towards the street.

Here’s my point. I believe it’s possible, if not probable, that the flea market could be used for an emergency FEMA Camp if necessary. That is if disaster struck, and it was required. Everything about the market appears to be perfect for such an endeavor.

Or, maybe not. Fortunately, I’m wrong quite often. Not everything I see comes around.

Joseph Shanklin

June 21, 2020

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