Recovering from addiction is an all-out life-consuming event that must last until death. Why?

The answer is not complicated. Addiction wants to kill you. No matter what coping skill you have selected, addiction intends to kill you. Even if you’re a shopaholic, addiction intends to kill you.

Recently, after watching [The Order] on Netflix [all 20 episodes], I began comparing recovery to a secret society. And why not since the only way we can recover from addiction is to place our recovery before everything else in our life. Well, except for our higher power. Particularly since having a higher power often plays an essential role in the recovery process.

So, here it is. Much like a secret society, recovery is the highest priority, placed before everything else within the addict’s life. And that’s important and necessary if the addict wants to stay alive. Also, the addict must let go of people, places, and things—especially old friends who are still using. Most people do not want to hear about our recovery process unless they are sober. Because of this, the new sober life becomes somewhat secretive, even if not by design.
Furthermore, if you haven’t been to an anonymous meeting, they are somewhat clandestine, ritualistic, and clannish. They even have their own book. I’m not knocking these folks. I’m merely making a comparison.

There it is. The secret society of recovering from addiction. Possibly the next Netflix series.

Joseph Shanklin

June 27, 2020

8 thoughts on “Secret Society of Addiction Recovery

  1. You got that right. I have twenty years sober and I still get blind-sided by temptation. The battle remains a secret one inside me. Thank God for Jesus Christ!

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    1. Very well said. Twenty years is fantastic. I had ten years, and then threw it away at the end of my 2nd marriage. I’m at 18 months now, and not looking back. I don’t have regrets. My new life is amazing! 🖤

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  2. If you don’t mind me making a blunt comparison, I think outwitting your dark side is something you’ll always do all the way to your deathbed.

    Not only is it about overcoming addiction, but also your own fears, limitations, and whatever else your mind conjures up to keep you mired in mediocrity.

    I loved this post. Thanks for sharing!

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