Louisiana Part One [Speeding Ticket]

Louisiana Part One During the 1990s and my first marriage, we used to vacation often. I made good money back then, and my wife made even more. We traveled a lot and visited her dad's family in Louisiana whenever possible. Even though I've lived in Colorado and Montana nearly all of my life, I still … Continue reading Louisiana Part One [Speeding Ticket]

Visions & Discernment [Rockefeller Center]

Something interesting about New York. I've always been intrigued by Rockefeller Center, New York City. I cannot help but notice what's there. First, there stands The United Nations. Next, Atlas, holding up the globe. Next, St. Patrick's Cathedral. And finally, a statue of Prometheus. I believe most of these are well known, but for those … Continue reading Visions & Discernment [Rockefeller Center]

Visions & Discernment [The Oath]

I've always enjoyed stories of Knights and Chivalry. Whether I'm reading a good book or watching a movie, something about these people has ever moved me. Notably, the scenes involving someone being [knighted], and speaking their oaths. I love a proper oath. These days, our world seems to be lacking oaths, vows, and promises. I've … Continue reading Visions & Discernment [The Oath]