“His connection to The Universe is unrivaled. His ability to know . . . and when I say [know], I’m speaking of both knowing the answer to the question . . . and knowing the answer without asking the question,” Abbey said, smiling.

“Abbey, I’m not sure . . . ” Alex said, her words training off.

“I’m a little lost as well,” Derrek said.

“Hang in there. I’ll explain it. I imagine such a thing sounds quite bizarre to you both. Allow me to create an example.”

First sipping her glass of water, Abbey gathered her thoughts and prepared to paint a picture of what it was like for Solomon trying to survive without anyone caring, or anyone calling. Living on the street without any keys. Solomon had recently said something so profound and so sad, she had cried immediately for several minutes. A few days ago, he had told her [my moment of situational clarity came when I realized I didn’t have any keys. I didn’t have a single key . . . because I didn’t need a single key . . . because there was nothing left for me to open]. Solomon had gone on to explain to Abbey he had continued to wear a keychain on his belt with an assortment of interesting and sometimes unique keys, for no other reason except the keychain made him feel better. Made him feel [not so empty].

Fighting back the urge to cry, Abbey pushed back her emotions and continued. “For the next few minutes, I’ll need you both to use your imaginations. Please relax, and stay with me. It’s important to follow along closely.”

Both doctors agreed and prepared to follow Abbey’s instructions carefully.

“Okay, picture yourself sitting somewhere. Possibly on a park bench. You’ve been thinking about something all day. A thing you need badly. Hmmm . . . let’s say you’re hungry and thirsty, but you have no resources for either. You have no money . . . not even one dollar. Furthermore . . . you don’t have a home or any place to sleep at night. It’s cold outside, and soon it will begin to snow. You do not have a working cell phone. Not that you would have anyone to call anyway. Do you have the image so far?”

Joseph Shanklin

July 7, 2020

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