[Originally Posted February 22, 2020]

Four years ago, while sharing a motel room with a friend, I did something I rarely do [no, not that]. I made the impetuous decision to both explain and demonstrate lucid dreaming as it applies to me. Well, I did not stop there. I took things slightly farther.

First, I explained as best I could what it’s like to be completely aware while both asleep and in a state of dreaming. I can still remember the [oh yes] look on her face as I included such highlights as [I always win the battles] and [I wake my self up if necessary].

As a child, I had always believed everyone could control their dreams, changing, modifying, and resetting details along the way, particularly when things are attempting to twist and turn towards the nightmarishly undesirable. Apparently no, that’s not the case.

Shortly after our discussion, I fell asleep on my bed. My friend was expecting company, and stayed up, watching and waiting for her visitor. As I watched the man walk down the sidewalk between buildings, I was able to discern both his appearance and what he was wearing. I believe I startled the woman, by sitting up and telling her that a man would be knocking on the door within ten seconds. If she wasn’t rattled then, I know she was when I decided to show off. Before the first knock came, I had already given her a description of the man’s clothing.

Today, I know there’s a difference between showing off and needing to share something. Sometimes it’s helpful, sharing the uncomfortable to let it go, even if it’s only a small piece of a large puzzle.

Joseph Shanklin

February 22, 20200

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