Visions [Dosed Part II]

I’ve written and posted something about an experience that I had after being dosed a few years ago. During those two hours of unexpected vision, I seized upon the opportunity to ask a question. I asked my question out loud, to the Universe, or anything that might be listening. I’m going to share it today.

I’ve also written and posted something about a theory of mine, an idea that I had not long before I had been dosed. My theory: Is the mark of the beast from The Book of Revelation referring to the cellphone? After all, they can be found in hand or on the head. Just a thought. One of many.

Until now, I’ve only shared the following piece of information with one person. Here it is. I remember walking along 88th Avenue, heading west from Federal Blvd towards Lowell Avenue in Westminster, Colorado. At the time, I was living in Westminster. During those two hours of incredibly intense out of this world experiences, I asked a question. I’m not sure why I asked the question, but I did. I asked, “could it be that simple, is the cellphone the mark?” Moments later, I looked down by my feet, and there was half of a flip phone sticking out of the mud and pointed towards the sky. I started laughing, and asked once more, “can it be possible, is the cellphone the mark?” I was still walking west. After I asked the question the second time, I looked down and there it was, the other half of the flip phone. Yes, it was also sticking out of the mud and pointed straight up.

By this time, whatever I had smoked was wearing off. Within a few minutes of the broken cellphone experience, my head had cleared considerably, and I turned around and headed back to the house to confront the two people who I suspected of dosing me. The details of that conversation will have to wait for another day. I will add this; neither my life nor their lives would never be the same after that day.

What does all of this mean? I’m surely not trying to convince anyone of anything. After all, I was under the influence of something, so it’s difficult to validate what happened. That being said, I’ve had quite a few visions over the years. Although, I’ve been sober for all of the others. I cannot even begin to tell you how stressful those two hours were. Imagine flipping a switch, and the entire world changes before your eyes. You do not know when it will end.

Everything we survive prepares us for something. This fact is the only reason that I did not end up in the hospital or jail that fateful day.

Joseph Shanklin

July 14, 2020

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