Approximately four years ago, someone dosed me. What can I say? I was slippin. To this day, I still do not know what I smoked. I’ve talked with over a dozen drug users, and yet, I have not been able to determine what hit my bloodstream that sunny afternoon. Oh, and I’ve been completely sober from drugs and alcohol for nearly 18 months.

Throughout my life, I’ve had a few unforgettable visions. Fortunately, these visions don’t happen very often. These visions have been separated by years. While all have been profound, what I witnessed following my dose was out of this world crazy.

Only a few people know the details of my two-hour audio/visual experience. During this time, the entire world changed . . . completely. At the time, I knew I’d been drugged. As I laid on a hillside, trying desperately to keep my sanity, all I could do was tell myself over, and over [I was dosed . . . it’s not real]. Few people would be able to endure the experience without either going to jail or the hospital. Yes, it was that bad. As I said, everything changed. The blue sky . . . gone . . . replaced by something much darker.

After my book is published, some may ask me, “where did you get all of this”?

For those who have known me for the past five years, the question will be [what’s real . . . and what’s fiction]?

Joseph Shanklin

May 12, 2020

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