I don’t usually blog about the virus, but I’m making an exception today. Why? The media is so damn irritating.

Copied from WebMD

August or early September, the rate of colds increases slowly for a few weeks and remains high until March or April when it declines. The seasonal variation may relate to the opening of schools and to cold weather, which prompt people to spend more time indoors and increase the chances that viruses will spread to you from someone else.

Okay, my turn.

The spread of COVID-19 is not a mystery; this is what viruses do. Viruses are infection machines. Unfortunately, this virus can be deadly. At the end of the day, we cannot stop the spread of any virus. I don’t believe that shutting down the world is the answer. Like any other virus, I expect to catch it, survive, and build immunities. If by some chance I don’t make it, then it’s my time to go. I’m not scared to die, but I understand why most people are. I also understand that at any time, I may become a nature statistic because nature thins the herd. This happens for many reasons. It’s not only about physical/medical conditions. Nature calculates other areas such as intelligence, wisdom, and possibly even luck. Well, if you believe in such things as luck. As I’ve already written recently, I can be predictably [not very bright] when it comes to the danger zone.

This probably sounds a little cold. Recently, a relative told me that I lacked compassion. She validated something I’ve always believed: After my mother’s death, there’s nobody left in my family who knows anything about me. Enough said.

When I think about nature thinning the herd, it triggers a memory of an old storyβ€”the story about a grasshopper preparing for winter. Research and preparation go a long way towards not being a nature statistic. I’m not talking about wearing a mask. I’m speaking of things like installing ultraviolet lights with bulbs ranging from 200-400nm. I’ve found 222nm to be a good number. Although, if you’re going to order online, do your homework. Some of the Chinese companies are not sending the bulbs after payment. Once again, research is necessary. RESEARCH is necessary!

I’m not suggesting that people should not be concerned about this virus, and simply leave it up to chance. Like everything else, the circumstances are situational. You know whether or not you have pre-existing conditions. You know how you feel about vaccination. You know who you may expose it to at home if you become infected. Wow, sounds like a zombie movie, huh! Please do the research. Please do not blindly follow the media’s advice. Personal research has never been as important as right now.

Joseph Shanklin

July 22, 2020

6 thoughts on “My Thoughts This Morning [The Damn Virus]

  1. A good piece; viruses are not out to get us, they just are and have always been around. I think people are willing to take chances, if we weren’t we would never go anywhere – hang on, that’s what we are doing at the moment! While we know that we will all die, perhaps in an accident quickly, probably with cancer, we will get on with life and take our chances. What we don’t want is to end up in hospital sedated on a ventilator, never seeing a human face again and we want to protect ill or old loved ones from ending up like that.

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  2. Lack of knowlege of anything beyond their own chosen field of study and research among the planet’s health experts and the ever omnipresent stupidity among most of the world’s politicians has produced a situation far worse than any virus.

    The world’s economy will not recover for years to come.

    The rates of depression, suicides and domestic abuse will continue to soar and increase as a result.

    There shall continue to be deaths.

    The question is, shall we die in a global prison forced upon us by the technocrats and their gung-ho political leader followers?

    Or shall we die free?

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