There are people in this world who are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. These individuals have worked to build a relationship with God, The Universe, or another higher power of their choosing. This bond has moved them towards a selfless calling.

Imagine for a moment, meeting someone for the first time and connecting to their trauma. Now, imagine being willing to trade places with that stranger. Keep this in mind; the stranger is incredibly sick, injured, suffering from great pain, or quite possibly on the edge of death.

What if I told you, some individuals are entirely willing to trade places with the sick, injured, and dying? Maybe not every day and at every moment, but quite often or as they see the need. After all, such a person should be allowed to choose when they are willing to make such a sacrifice.

Have you ever wanted to trade places with a sick loved one or a child? If so, then you’re familiar with this selfless act. The ones I’m speaking of are willing to make this sacrifice for those whose names they have never heard before. These individuals do exist. I promise you that they are out there somewhere.

The effects and outcomes of such an act are not tallied or written on a scored card. We cannot look up these statistics or do a Google Search to find out the numbers or percentages. Still, I know they exist.

Joseph Shanklin

July 28, 2020

10 thoughts on “Visions & Discernment [The Sacrifice]

  1. Well, well, from my point of view, something like – I wouldn’t mind dying for someone – is latent suicidal mind and false heroic act. It’s not hard to die for someone. You could die only once, physically.

    It’s challenging to take care for those who are in many ways incapable. That really drains and takes every bloody atom of your body and soul.

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  2. I am one of them. At the beginning of my empathic journey i would tell other’s that i could take any sickness and transmutte into pure positive healing. I’ve help space for a man who was loosing feeling in his feet. After our session of me holding his feet. He called me a witch doctor.this man couldn’t sit still he just kept walking.ive never seen him again. I used to tell folks don’t tell anyone what life changing experiences we had during our sessions, just because sum folks wont understand I am just a mere vessel. I call upon all my healing archangels to help me in the process while I’m the conduit.i used to say in a joking way pay me $10,000 i will let you touch me for your healing. I am a very very very powerful healer today.

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    1. The story about the man’s feet is interesting. I too am having problems with my feet. I have degenerative spine disease, and it’s causing me to lose feeling in both feet. Eventually, I’ll have to undergo surgery. Very frustrating.


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