I’ve always enjoyed stories of Knights and Chivalry. Whether I’m reading a good book or watching a movie, something about these people has ever moved me. Notably, the scenes involving someone being [knighted], and speaking their oaths. I love a proper oath. These days, our world seems to be lacking oaths, vows, and promises.

I’ve always believed that few things in this life are more important than protecting the helpless, especially our children. What’s more important than protecting our children? Even before I became a father, I understood the need to protect our kids at all costs. Our world is doing a terrible job of protecting its young people. Not you personally, but the world in general.

Our world is slipping farther and farther into chaos and ugliness. More than ever, we need Knights! Well, maybe not armored Knights on horseback wielding swords, but someone willing to sacrifice themselves to protect the helpless. Although, I do like the sword idea quite a bit.

There is a scene from the movie [Kingdom of Heaven] where the main character is being Knighted. Two things stand out for me.

1] Protect the helpless.

2] Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death.

Joseph Shanklin

July 29, 2020

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