Something interesting about New York.

I’ve always been intrigued by Rockefeller Center, New York City. I cannot help but notice what’s there. First, there stands The United Nations. Next, Atlas, holding up the globe. Next, St. Patrick’s Cathedral. And finally, a statue of Prometheus.

I believe most of these are well known, but for those who are not familiar with Prometheus, here is a small piece of information. There are quite a few scholars who consider Prometheus to be the same creature as Satan. I’m not saying this is a fact, but I am saying a lot of people consider them to be the same. I find the peacock Interesting since it’s often a symbol of pride. Allow, the peacock only visits from time to time.

I’m not knocking anyone’s spiritual beliefs or religion. This nation is founded on freedom of religion, and I support that completely. Just because something is not my believe system, does not mean it’s not important to somebody else. Enough said, although I call it as I see it.

There is more to be found at Rockefeller Center, but I’ll stop there.

New York City is loaded with [in your face] symbolism and paganism. I find it fascinating.

Joseph Shanklin

July 30, 2020

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