In 1995 Denver International Airport opened to the public. Up until then, we had a different airport named [Stapleton]. I only flew into or out of Stapleton a few times, but I liked it. Because it was located in town, the passenger jets would fly low to the ground and directly over I70. Those were good times.

There is not much left of the old airport. Well, all that’s left is the tower and a few buildings.

Because the tower is surrounded by quite a bit of open space, it stands alone like a watchtower. Whenever I pass by this lonely watchtower, I always see the same thing. I see a prison guard tower surrounded by smaller buildings and tall fences. Yes, the kind of walls that keep people from escaping.

Escaping from what you ask? Heck, that’s a good question.

This image does connect to another image that I have—something pertaining to Denver’s light rail system. I’ll post that soon.

Joseph Shanklin

July 30, 2020

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