My Thoughts This Morning [Pride]

This piece was inspired by something I read this week on another blog—an article from a very talented writer. Approximately 25 years ago, my work supervisor said to me, "pride is overrated." Up until that moment, I hadn't thought about it like that. I've been thinking about it ever since then. Pride is destructive. It … Continue reading My Thoughts This Morning [Pride]

Still Trying Not To Be A Dumbass!

I'm trying to spend more time thinking about self-preservation, and the importance of not being a dumbass. What can I say, I have a history of making questionable decisions. Oh yes, I have priors! When it comes to protecting ourselves, fear is as crucial as pain. There are more than a few downsides to not … Continue reading Still Trying Not To Be A Dumbass!

Working In Boulder Today

We're working in Boulder today. The combination of beautiful scenery and weather will ensure my day is nothing less than fantastic! And as a bonus, one of the UTCs [off-duty police officers] working with us is beautiful. Yes, she is lovely. I've always believed that beautiful women make everything better. That being said, there are … Continue reading Working In Boulder Today

Lucid Dreaming [Reposted 2/20]

[Originally Posted February 22, 2020] Four years ago, while sharing a motel room with a friend, I did something I rarely do [no, not that]. I made the impetuous decision to both explain and demonstrate lucid dreaming as it applies to me. Well, I did not stop there. I took things slightly farther. First, I … Continue reading Lucid Dreaming [Reposted 2/20]