During these times of unrest and fear, we are all searching for the truth. Well, I certainly hope we are all searching for the truth. For those who are turning on their television and expecting to hear the truth, please consider the source. Television is nothing more than manipulation, particularly during an election year. Think about it, if you needed to control a population, how would you reach the masses? Simple logic. Enough said.

I’m writing this piece for one reason to relay information. Someone sent me a video made by a doctor in Tampa, Florida. This doctor treats patients instead of treating viruses. She also practices something else that grabbed my attention. She speaks the truth. I love speaking the truth. The truth can and will set the speaker free.

Dr. Koche is an excellent source of health, nutrition, and immune system information. We can fortify our bodies and minds against this virus. We can fight this damn virus without being vaccinated.

During my first marriage [the 1990s], my wife and I became involved with Herbalife. The knowledge that I acquired from selling and using those products has never been more vital to me than now. I urge you to research nutrition. The image I’ve included with my post was taken directly from the Spectra Wellness website.

Dr. Lisa Koche of Specra Wellness in Tampa, Florida.


Specra Wellness can be found on Facebook.

Joseph Shanklin

August 2, 2020

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