All my life, I’ve been waking myself up when it’s necessary. Fortunately, this time there wasn’t danger. I was asleep, dreaming something that I cannot remember. I heard a loud knocking, so I snapped from sleep and jumped from bed.

Nothing, there isn’t anything to find. When this happens, I usually read a few pieces from my favorite bloggers. That’s precisely what I did. Now it’s time to go back to sleep!

Sometimes I wonder, does this happen to anyone else?

Knock, knock.

Joseph Shanklin

August 10, 2020

9 thoughts on “Knock, Knock

  1. it’s happened to me a few times, usually I lay there listening. If there’s nothing, I go back to sleep.
    The other night, my son knocked on my bedroom door…I woke up scared. Until I realized the light was on and it was my son wanting some help with the tv.
    A few years ago, my sister knocked on the basement door real early in the morning, freaking me out until I heard her call out to her dog. The basement door is in my bedroom, leads out to the patio, which leads to the pool. Kinda nice, but at the same time daunting. Thank goodness it’s a metal door and is padlocked.

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  2. What you described experiencing some psychiatrists call “exploding head syndrome.” I used to experience it fairly regularly when overly fatigued. I still do, but less frequently. It used to sound like a baseball hitting the side of my house near the bedroom window.

    Other times it sounded like somebody pounding against the side of the house with their fist. Rather spooky until I found there was no real danger.

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    1. I’ve been waking myself up for as far back as I can remember. Over the past five years, I’ve saved my own life several times by waking myself from a sound sleep. These days, I don’t live such a dangerous lifestyle. Those days are over and I do not miss them. I’m sure the knock came from within my head. At that moment, I thought my roommate was knocking on my bedroom door, possibly trying to wake me because of a crisis. I was happy to find out I was wrong.

      I’ll do some [exploding head syndrome] research. Thank you!

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