This morning, while drinking coffee, I turned on the news. Why would I do that? I enjoy being entertained by complete horseshit.

The newswoman was doing a segment on masks and which ones are not effective against viruses. Unfortunately, only a few masks help to stop the spread of COVID-19, and those are relatively expensive. Some of us have known this since the beginning, but almost no one has been willing to listen. Instead, most people have chosen to live in fear and listen to the media. I will never understand why anyone would listen to a bunch of assclowns with hidden agendas.

Anyway, I was surprised to see that the newscaster admitted something real. Some masks increase respiration droplets. This happens because of the material. The droplets are shrunk down, thereby increasing the number of [now smaller] droplets. These new smaller droplets pass right through the mask.

Then it happened. Apparently, the newscaster was so used to spewing bullshit; she could not help herself. The last thing she said was, “at the end of the day, and it just goes to show you that something is always better than nothing.”

What the f**k?

For many years, I’ve compared the mainstream media to professional wrestling. I’ve known wrestling was fake since the first time I watched it as a child. Back in Montana, we had a few Canadian Television Channels. I grew up with something called [Stampede Wrestling]. Stampede Wrestling did not fool me at the age of five. Oh, and let’s not forget [Curling]. At least Curling is a real sport.

Yep, the news and wrestling. The same.

Joseph Shanklin

August 11, 2020

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