Most of the people that I know who have tested positive for COVID-19 this Summer haven’t had any symptoms. Or, they have had only one or two minor symptoms, including a low fever. I’m going to share a few COVID-19 thoughts.

Much like the common cold, I doubt this virus can be stopped or eliminated. I believe the best we can hope for is taking place right now. Thousands of people testing positive and surviving the virus. Here is this hemisphere, we are coming to the end of Summer. Here in Denver, we have been dealing with a heatwave. Temperatures in the high 90’s have been a daily occurrence. Can this be the reason for so many asymptomatic individuals? After all, coronaviruses thrive during cold temperatures, not Summer. This is how the common cold arrived at its name in the first place.

I theorize this. By catching COVID-19 during the Summer, immunity can be achieved before the cold and flu season. Thereby possibly saving entire households. And if that’s true, wearing masks during the Summer is not wisdom. Of course, pre-existing conditions can change everything.

Eventually, everyone will catch this virus. Better to catch it during the Summer. Nature tends to thin the herd, particularly during the cold of Winter.

Joseph Shanklin

August 15, 2020

14 thoughts on “My Thoughts This Morning [Summer Viruses]

  1. The first person I know who had it was sick in November! We didn’t know what it was then of course.

    The 2nd person I knew who had it was in the hospital by Feb. 14. He died last week.

    3-4 other people I know have had it. One with no symptoms. 1 high schooler who bounced right back.

    2 people were on the Trump miracle medicine and zoomed right back to better.

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      1. That’s fantastic. I posted something about Dr. Lisa Koche of Spectra Wellness. She’s had success as well, and has been outspoken about it. Some of Dr. Koche’s videos have been silenced. It seems that some of the powers that be do not want us to know the truth. Seems to always be the case though, huh.

        I always enjoy hearing from someone who searches for the truth. Thank You!

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  2. The only problem with herd immunity is that so far it seems that the antibodies, especially for those who are asymptomatic, do not last more that 8 to 10 weeks. I know two people in London England who had it and had symptoms for a few days , had antibodies and now two and a half months later do not have antibodies. Working for the NHS they have been tested reliably. So this does make me question the herd immunity.

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