When everything is stripped away from someone’s life, the individual has but few options. By [everything], I’m referring to losing it all, and having little or no money and resources besides a couple of changes of clothes, and a pack of worldly possessions.

A little more than five years ago I was forced into an experience that I did not see coming. I was forced to move out of my home of more than ten years. Everything was gone, and at the age of 47, I lost everything that I owned except for a few small items. I would never step foot into my home again. I would never see my possessions again. Keep in mind, this included possessions going back all the way to my childhood.

At some point during that first year I made a bold [can’t take it back] decision. And why not, everyone and everything was gone? There would never be a better opportunity. It was time to embrace a new life.

Joseph Shanklin

August 22, 2020

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