Looking back, I believe my wife always knew that we would get divorced. The relationship lasted for more than ten years, but at some point, approximately seven years into the marriage, her attitude began to change. And then it happened, one year before everything came to a screeching halt, she disclosed the inevitable. She said, “you’ve been a good husband, and you have done things right, but no matter what happens, we will be divorced a year from now.”

She said those words to me during the Summer of 2014, our last Summer together. If you’ve read my post titled [UFO Summer], my sighting happened around the same time. No, I’m not saying that UFOs and my divorce are related. 🛸

About one year later, during the Spring of 2015 [around April Fool’s Day], I was forced to leave my house. She was right, as hard as I fought to save my marriage, and I tried everything, the relationship was doomed. I had already lost, but I was the only one who didn’t know the truth. From the beginning, I had been fighting against myself.

The entire situation has a feel of [contract over], but I don’t remember seeing or signing a contract. Of course, between the events from back then and the past five years, I’ve been able to learn everything, all of their secrets. What I didn’t see back then has been revealed to me by mutual friends, their people, and relatives. Looking back, I realize that ignorance would have been easier than discovering all of their wicked ways.

Maybe there’s a book in there somewhere? 🤔

Joseph Shanklin

August 26, 2020

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